Surveys shocking Sonia’s Congress

Posted : February 28, 2014 at 7:25 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Congress party is at its wits end on how to cope up with media channels and market research organisations who are bombarding with their own surveys day in and day out even though the party has been demanding ban on pre poll surveys and exit polls following a sting operation conducted by a channel.

In its sting operation it was found that some organisations expressed their willingness to tamper with the surveys and increase the tally of one particular party. Almost all the Congress leaders vented their anger on surveys. This because all surveys conducted by various organisations are shocking Sonia Gandhi and Congress High Command. Had those surveys conducted by unknown organisations, party can conveniently ignore.
However all are conducted by popular organisations like AC Neilsen etc. According to them it was found that Congress will get only 73 seats while BJP expected to win 217. It also predicted that Narendra Modi enjoys 57% support while Rahul Gandhi a mere 18%. These are definitely warning signals to the party. It can ban surveys but ban will not change voters who decided on whom to elect.