Surprise Lovers of CBN letters!

Posted : October 7, 2012 at 1:27 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Till recently many thought that only telangana TDP representatives were waiting eagerly for Chandra Babu’s letters on telangana formation to PM and Central Govt. However only now many came to know there were many political leaders in seemandhra who are waiting for CBN’s love letters on telangana. This may come as surprise but it is true. Telananga MPs from TDP are furious at some seemandhra MPs resigning from the party after CBN sent letter to PM on telangana asking him to convene an all party meet.
They feel that many MPs from that region have already prepared to leave the party whether or not Babu gives a letter but are waiting for the right opportunity. Now that Babu has given a letter, they resigned and joined YSRCP. T-TDP representatives allege that some of their seemandhra counterparts are feeling sad that Babu did not send the letter with much clarity. Had he sent letter demanding for separate state formation, they would have resigned from the party and jumped to Jagan’s party. Currently they are only voicing their opposition to CBN’s letter.
This revealed that there are many surprise lovers from seemandhra for CBN’s love letters on telangana.