Suresh Babu lighten the burden of Shadow

Posted : April 29, 2013 at 3:12 pm IST by ManaTelugu
As ‘shadow’ is confirmed as one of the biggest disasters in career of Venkatesh with critics blasting the producer on poor selection of Meher Ramesh’s screenplay and story, here comes to fore about some sour facts behind screen. Yes, hero Venkatesh and producer Siva Rama Prasad were known to be 100% assured on ‘shadow’ is going to become a miserable project on very first look of first copy. But, it was too late by then and there was no way left rather than releasing the movie as it was.

So, Venky helped the producer by making him approach Suresh Babu to find a safe way to get out with least losses. Thus, Multi Dimension Films came into scene as distributors for Nizam area paying Non Returnable Investment of Rs.6 Crores. As per reports from our trade sources, a loss of Rs.2 to 3 Crores is guaranteed for them and Suresh Babu is to bear the major burden. Having known this, Film Nagar sources are really praising Suresh Babu for helping his brother come out safely from clutches of ‘shadow.’