Superb planning by Junior Raviteja

Posted : August 13, 2014 at 10:58 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Young actor Nikhil is known as poor man’s Raviteja. Being a great fan of Mass Maharaja, Nikhil tries to imitate his idol in most of the scenes. He is the only one who is still hanging in there among the Happy Days lot. A lot of this credit should go to his planning. Despite not having any God Fathers or mentors in film industry, Nikhil is going great guns all because of his superb planning.

He made some right choices to become what he is now. After scoring a big hit with Swamy Rara, Nikhil played the waiting game rather trying to cash upon the success. He did a thriller called Karthikeya, which is carrying very good reports among the film circles. He didn’t even sign up for Swamy Rara sequel although he is in good terms with the makers of that film.

Nikhil has signed up for a romantic comedy titled Surya vs Surya after rejecting so many scripts. Karthikeya is due for release on August 22nd. Nikhil is carefully climbing up the ladder and not in a hurry to reach the top. He is aware of the fact that losing grip at this point would push him down, very down!