Sukumar’s silent revenge

Posted : January 24, 2014 at 6:27 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Sukumar finally took a silent revenge on southern seductress Samantha. Samantha some days back shocked all by blasting Sukumar, Prince Mahesh Babu and filmmakers of 1, for a poster saying that it degraded entire female force. Even Super Star Mahesh who was shocked was made to comment that she could have sorted out the issue discussing the issue. This itself showed  how serious the matter was.

Sukumar got his chance to take his revenge on Samantha.  In his next film he sidelined golden leg like Samantha and settled iron leg Tamanna. This only because Samantha criticised him.Sukumar is all set to direct NTR in his upcoming film. He already made arrangements and now roped in Tamanna for the lead role. Revenges are common in film industry and sometimes it interests movie lovers. It has to be seen where all this will lead to.