Success turning Manchus headstrong

Posted : November 1, 2012 at 10:39 am IST by ManaTelugu
Many people change the moment they taste success. Only a few will be down to earth and grounded even when they taste numerous successes. Now it seems success is turning Manchu family headstrong. For long Mohan Babu has been critical of Nandi awards and always alleged that there were lot of politics during the screening of the awards and questioned how was NTR not presented even a single Nandi. It is a fact that even he did not get award though he featured in many hit films. Suddenly out of bolt from blue, his daughter won Nandi Award for the best women villain on her debut which happens to be success story one in Manchu family.
Even before that euphoria is over, Manchu Vishnu who is looking for a hit since long time, scored a stunning hit with ‘Denikaina Ready’ which turned out to be a comedy entertainer. This is success troy two. Now it seems that both these successes are resulting in Manchus turn headstrong as they are not willing to listen to other peoples view points. It is a known fact that the film ‘Denikaina Ready’ contains many scenes that belittle Brahmin community in particular priests as a whole.However with out budging down they started attacking and even assaulting the protestors. One wonder will the situation be same if some telangana portesters come to their house?