Stories deserting films !

Posted : March 3, 2013 at 2:30 am IST by ManaTelugu
In any film functions one hears the oft repeated dialogues like the story is unique and no one touched this in the industry. Film makers boast that hero never did such role and the moment he heard the story, he hugged them. However after the film hits the screen, everything looks similar to n number of films.

In all the films storyline looks similar except for change of heroes and heroines and technical team. One wonder what could be the reason for such things.This is noticed not only in Tollywood but entire film industry in the country.While some film makers bag remake rights for lump sum amounts, some to escape from copyright problems say they drew inspiration from hit film.

This is happening because heroes are influencing directors to include hit scenes from hit films. So intro scene will be from one film, interval bang from another film, cilmax from another. The same thing happened in Nayak and Mirchi but but turned out to be blockbusters.

Prabhas went on record that if one looks for innovative scripts then it takes 3 yrs for one film. When film industry turned commercial with crores involved no one would like to take any risks. They stick to some formulas. One such could be hero entering villain’s house and try to change them. This ploot was first used in Gudumba Shankar and later in Aata but both did not click.

However from Ready the same formula started working and many films came in similar lines. Rajani’s Basha also inspired many film makers.Samara Simha Reddy,Indra,Narasimha Naidu,Bhrat Simha Reddy and many more have shades of Basha. Some are now saying their film is not a copy or inspiration from any film. But if one takes Nandini Reddy’s Jabardasth, even that bubble burst. Nandini said her film is unique but it turned out to be carbon copy of Band Baja Baarat.Even film makers of Badshah and Greeku Veerudu are at pains to convince movie lovers that theirs is new story and not inspired or copied from other films. This is because every now and then internet is abuzz with rumors that these films are freemakes of previous hit films,