Stop Ratings for Movies: Hero to Websites

Posted : October 8, 2013 at 6:12 am IST by ManaTelugu

The ratings in the websites every time a new movie hits the screens will have a huge impact on their revenue generation in Overseas market. NRIs would rely on the sites to check if the money spent on the ticket is worth the content in the movie. Only when they get convinced through the ratings that the film offers them some sort of entertainment they are looking out for, people have been thronging theatres.

Senior Hero Murali Mohan urged all the sites to stop giving ratings for new releases as such analysis were ruining the dreams of makers. “Requesting all websites not to give ratings. It is highly effecting movie collections in Overseas,” appealed the senior actor.

Because of these ratings, Film Industry is loosing good amount of revenue every year and saving the audience from wastage of their hard-earned money. Good content always sets the cash registers ringing no matter how good or bad ratings might be! Better to focus on improving the quality and content of Telugu movies at least from now.