State Interest buried under Babli?

Posted : October 17, 2012 at 7:17 am IST by ManaTelugu
Babli Project constructed against SC rulings by Maharashtra is once again in news with SC listening to the arguments put forward by Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. However many feel that AP State interests have been buried under Babli project erected illegally by Maharashtra Govt. Many say it is possible since both the states have been ruled by Cong and cong needs more gains from Maharashtra. It is a wellknown fact that Cong has lost all its hopes of regaining power in AP.
Those who happened to witness the arguments in SC are of the opinion that AP lawyers are going soft during the hearings. TDP leaders Errabelli Sayakara Rao and Ramesh Rathod who were present in SC along with their lawyers, felt that AP instead of persisting with demolition of Babli project is wasting its time dwelling on how much water Maharashtra is using, how much is state share. They allege that Govt is not even having enough proof against Maharashtra illegalities.
They even allege that KCR who prides himself as the telangana warrior once supported Babli project. They allege Govt is not bothered about the increased woes of telangana people due to Babli project.It has to be seen how Govt responds to the allegations.