Stars envious of Krishnudu

Posted : September 18, 2012 at 1:45 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Film makers may under estimate the strength and magical wand of Krishnudu but for those who mistake him as small comedian who is dabbling with hero roles wasting film makers money they will be in for a shock. Krishnudu’s speed as hero will put even top heroes to shame. While heroes like Tarak , Sai Ram Shankar, Varun Sandesh and others are doing films hoping hope against hope that their upcoming venture will turn out to be a hit, Krishnudu has many films under hit his belt which will be releasing and even one release a month, he will have releases for the entire year.
He started the year announcing ‘Nagaramlo Vinayakudu’ in ‘Vinayakudu’ series and planned to turn ‘Amayakudu’. Apart from that he is romancing Abhinaya in ‘Chandrudu’ and is saying ‘Ala Jarigindi Oka Roju’. As if this is not enough he is showing his own style in ‘Naa Style Naade’ and is turning ‘Seenugadu’. He is involved in ‘Superhit Jumbo Crime Story’ and is coming as ‘Bullabbai’. He is even starring in ‘Sahasra’ and as if this is not enough he is romancing five hot beauties in ‘Gopika’.
Movie lovers will be getting jealous of Krishnudu’s golden hand and lady luck smiling on him. They hope even they will be showered with such kind of romantic luck in their life.