Star Hero’s Blunder: Title is Mismatch

Posted : August 17, 2014 at 6:12 pm IST by ManaTelugu


There used to be a time, where small-ticket films/low-budget films which has no crowd-pulling star opt for irrelevant, eye-catchy titles to draw audiences. Gone are such days and even small-films are now mostly coming up with interesting-yet-meaningful titles that are apt for the films.

Contrary to this, few big budget, star hero films are now resorting to Masala titles to attract audience. The latest example is Surya’s Sikandar. Titled Anjaan in Tamil, the name of Telugu version has no match to the movie at all. There is no title justification in the film in one way or the other way round. One baffles till the end why it is called Sikandar. Except for verbal sounding, which is visible, there is no other reason to call the film so. Rather than coming up with spicy titles, the makers should focus on its content to the successful run of films.