Star Director’s Revenge on Star Heroes

Posted : August 20, 2017 at 7:58 pm IST by ManaTelugu

He is one among the star directors in Telugu film industry. Not many know that he takes ‘revenge’ on star heroes albeit indirectly.

If any star hero keeps him waited for ‘insults’ him, he takes it to the heart and keep it within himself and just patiently waits for the star hero. When the star hero really returns to the director for various reasons, then the star director takes his vengeance by delivering a “flop” to the star hero.

The director makes an uninteresting script with only focus on hero characterization without any story. This is enough to put down a star hero and push him back to a time of a few years.

In the past too, the director has did this to many star heroes, say gossip mongers in the T-town. Now the director himself is not in form and but he said to be gearing up to take such ‘revenge’ once again on a star hero soon.