Srinu Vaitla to Turn Monotonous?

Posted : April 4, 2013 at 6:41 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The blockbuster success of ‘Dookudu’ marked the potentiality of Srinu Vaitla as a director who could also prove himself as a director who could mix the action and comedy in a nice way in his movies. More than that, comedians also play a vital role in his movies on par with the heroes. In ‘Dookudu’ we have seen the hilarious comedy rendered by Brahmanandam and MS Narayana. Reports are out that in ‘baadshah’ too, the comedians duo will get the major share in comedy part of the movie.
Like ‘Dookudu’ and ‘baadshah’, Srinu Vaitla’s next movie ‘Aagadu’ in the combo of Prince Mahesh Babu will be filled with full of comedy. Srinu Vaitla himself revealed that the comedy of ‘Aagadu’ would be more than that of ‘Dookudu’. However, there are some people who are feeling that Srinu Vaitla is gradually turning out to be monotonous by selecting movies based on similar genres. Anyways, if Srinu Vaitla maintains same tempo and freshness in comedy and action parts of his next projects, no doubt, every movie of him would be a  blockbuster.