Sridevi Daughter’s New Look

Posted : September 30, 2013 at 6:28 am IST by ManaTelugu

This heroine is now the hot-senior of Bollywood. She is none other than Sridevi who is getting into shorts and tights for photo shoots these days to stun audiences. Here is a small talk about her elder daughter Jahnavi who grabbed huge attention the other day.

For the first time ever, Jahnavi is looking quite ravishing when she walked in an event the other day amidst some celebrity guests. No doubt, she got that special glow on her face and her physics and dynamics are proving her to be a debuting heroine within short time. Insiders revealed that Jahnavi is actually getting groomed a lot, apart from her special focus on diet and gym regimen. Earlier she used to look like a stick and now that diet is doing wonder for her it seems.

Though Sridevi denied many a times that Jahnavi is not getting ready for films any sooner, after looking at the way the young girl is putting on weight, there is no doubt our old heroine is telling us a sweet-lie. Let us see when Jahnvai will actually sizzle on silver screen like her mom.