Sreenu Vaitla’s Shock To Prakash Raj

Posted : September 19, 2014 at 9:52 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Those who have seen the films of director Sreenu Vaitla and those who know him little closely say that he has the habit of throwing a satire on someone with whom he had friction. We have seen that happening in almost all his recent films. This time, Vaitla has given a shock to the powerhouse actor Prakash Raj.

Few months ago, during the shooting of ‘Aagadu’ a grapevine began to make rounds that Prakash Raj had an issue with an associate director of ‘Aagadu’ and that led to his exit. Later, Prakash also held a press meet and came up with a dialogue/poem which implied that the more someone tries to harm him, the more stronger and fortunate he will become.

Well, that poem at that point was alright but what goes around comes around when you deal with Vaitla. In the latest release ‘Aagadu’, Vaitla has incorporated a scene where in villain Sonu Sood is seen uttering exactly the same poem that Prakash Raj stated in press meet. Those who saw this are whispering if this was Vaitla’s way of settling scores with Prakash.