Spy Cams in Girls’ Bathrooms!

Posted : September 19, 2014 at 6:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Atrocities against women irrespective of age groups are increasing.  Even as authorities are at their wits end on how to prevent them, psychopaths are trying to find new ways to pounce like beasts on them. They are even using latest technological innovations to succeed in their evil designs.

According to the latest 3 spy cameras were found in girls’ bathrooms of JSS Engineering College hostel in Sector 62, Noida. This shocked everyone and spiraled into big controversy. Girls alleged that the college administration is involved in it and is recording their clippings. Administration deployed police and media is not permitted inside the campus.

A BA student spotted a unique object when she entered the bathroom and when girls tried finding out what it was, to their shock it turned out to be spy camera. Furious girls started protesting against hostel warden shouting slogans. Police conducted searches and found three spy cameras and 2 memory cards from the hostel. Someone destroyed the third memory card before police entered the scene.