Spoof Comedies Worrying Star Fans

Posted : September 27, 2014 at 3:18 am IST by ManaTelugu


The ‘best’ comedy sequences that we have seen in the recent days are Brahmi’s ‘Kill Bill Pandey’ in Racegurram and now ’30 years industry’ Prithvi’s ‘Boiling Star’ in Loukyam movie. In between there are treats by Saptagiri like ‘Magajathi Aanimuthyam’ in Lovers movie. What could be read from these hilarious sequences is that most of them are entertaining audiences by throwing ‘spoofs’ on famous punch dialogues of star heroes or on their the characters themselves.
If Killbill Pandey is like Dabangg’s Chulbul Pandey, then Brahmi uses Prabhas ‘Mirchi’ dialogue, ‘Cutout choosi konni konni nammeyali dude’ in his Race Gurram comic riot. Similarly he echoed modified dialogues of various other star-heroes in Loukyam too. If we come to Prithvi’s ‘Boiling Star’ role, then Loukyam climax is full of his parody dialogues uttered by Balayya in Legend. Also this Boiling Star utters the line “Cheppandra abbayilu.. what to do, what not to do?”, mimicking Mahesh Babu even when his Aagadu punches are still running in theatres.

Fans of star heroes are unhappy with this ‘spoof’ ‘parody’ and ‘mimicking’ trend as they feel that such scenes are mere mockery of a honest effort of their heroes. ‘Roping in a comedian and making fun by parody dialogues is no healthy comedy. In fact it encourages other heroes’ fans to enjoy more than whose dialogue that is being ripped off. Is this a good trend?’ asks a cine lover.