Sonia Splits AP

Posted : July 29, 2013 at 2:50 pm IST by ManaTelugu
While one Gandhi ( Mahatma ) brought the country together ,  another  Gandhi (Rajiv)  routed the congress in AP , a third  Gandhi ( Sonia) is all set to  break  the state .The heart beats  of  millions  will stop  tomorrow  as  the final decision  on new state of Telangana is all set to be announced  tomorrow .

The decision is likely to be endorsed by the CWC and also the  UPA coordination committees  in the evening .In fact they only endorse the decision taken by Sonia Gandhi week ago . Before that, Gandhi and the Prime Minister will meet with their allies who participate in the government to formally inform them of the road-map for India’s 29th state.

Hyderabad, sources said, will not be designated a Union Territory. Instead, the city with its booming economy powered largely by the IT industry, will be a shared capital for Andhra Pradesh and the new Telangana state.