Sonia to spit venom on Chiru?

Posted : February 23, 2014 at 11:49 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Mega Star Chiranjeevi till now ditched seemandhra region and the place he was born and bought up, just to please Congress High Command and Sonia Gandhi who made him the Union Tourism Minister. In Rajya Sabha many lashed out at him for selling his Praja Rajyam party on wholesale to Sonia Gandhi.

He longtime back forgot to fight for the causes of his constituency or region putting his personal and self interests first. However with political in experience some mistakes crop up in his speeches and due to this he is landing in trouble and many suspect he may soon face Sonia’s ire. In his speech on Telangana bill in Rajya Saba, he said though he was for United Andhra Pradesh (samaikyandhra), as a loyal Congress leader he is bound to abide by the decision of the high command.

Had he stopped there, nothing would have happened as Chiru is alreay facing seemandhra ire. However he went on to add that Congress Party and High Command headed by Sonia Gandhi has taken decision to divide Andhra Pradesh much against the wishes of seemandhra people.

Now sources say High Command and Sonia Gandhi is extremely furious on Chiranjeevi’s speech. They are of the opinion that Chiranjeevi committed grave blunder by holding Congress Party and Sonia Gandhi responsible for the state division. Many say now Chiru became persona non grata with both Seemandhra and even Sonia Gandhi.