Sonia shows her bribing power!

Posted : September 3, 2013 at 7:31 am IST by ManaTelugu

UPA (that means SONIA GANDHI) is determined to  gift Telengana as a separate State to KCR.  Some say that KCR accumulated a very large “War Chest” and passed it on to the Congress party and as a quid pro quo, Telengana is being carved out and so it is more a purchase than a gift.

Whatever it be, the bill which seeks to amend the Constitution has to be passed by the Parliament with a 2/3 majority So they are rounding up MPs and Parties to ensure smooth passage.  In the first instance an influential  anti splt-up MP Kavuri Smabasiva Rao was neutralized with a gift of a cabinet post.

The other Ministers like Purandeswari/Chiranjeevi /Pallam Raju etc were cowed down with just a frown from Sonia Gandhi, and they will toe the line meekly even if it means that they will have no future in their constituencies.

Mulayam Singh Yadav is a big hurdle and his cooperation is guaranteed now thanks to CBI offering to close the disproportionate assets case against him.  Mayawati wanted to have UP broken up into 4 States, but she also has DA cases dangling as also Jayalalitha.

The Government is having talks with Bodo/Gorkhaland etc  people so that, if they are made happy, they will lend to Telengana bill .Vidarbha people have been ordered to keep quiet and they are thunderously silent now.Thus the frown of Sonia will cow down some, and the power to withdraw/close cases will neutralize some. Long Live Queen Sonia!