Sonia gives boost to Jagan?

Posted : September 4, 2013 at 7:07 am IST by ManaTelugu

It is a known fact as to how a dying party like TRS was given a boost with December 9th statement by Congress leadership regarding Telangana. At a time when everyone was sure that TRS wipe out from the political scene was certain, Sonia breathed life into TRS.

From then Telangana sentiment too saw an upswing and now the same seems to be the ball game with YSRCP. With Telangana announcement this time, Jagan’s party which was slowly on the downslide got a sudden boost and conveniently dumped Telangana and resurrected United AP slogan.

Most of Jagan’s rivals were happy to see how many leaders were slowly quitting YSRCP and Jagan’s continued detention in jail made matters worse. Even Sharmila’s padyaathras didn’t give any mileage except for the hype and women sentiment. So now it looks certain that Congress breathed oxygen into YSRCP.