Song shoots ‘shoots up’ budget

Posted : October 6, 2012 at 7:39 am IST by ManaTelugu
One can not imagine any Indian film without songs , dances. Film makers are under the impression that unless until romantic songs in beautiful locations are pictured movie lovers will not come to see their films. Now they are having another impression that only if their film consists of item number then they can have some hopes on film doing well. No one is giving importance to story line. However many feel that song shoots are shooting up the budget of the film. But even when film nagar is buzzing with this news no one is taking steps to bring down the budget.
Infact film makers are spending lavishly on shooting, choreography, audio release but there is no need for such expenses. It is a known fact that any song would appeal to viewers if it comes according to situation. However the moment hero and heroine meets they will be flying in their dreams to some exotic foreign locations and as if that was not enough they will be joined by another 20 dancers and lavish settings and costumes. Film makers conveniently forget the fact that people in love long for loneliness.
Till now they can not get over from their age old impression that a film should have 6 songs. One doesn’t know who arrived at that conclusion but out of 6, 3 will be duets. An Introduction song on hero with fast mass beats is a must though it can not be understood by anyone. One gets a question if without songs will people don’t see films?