Small films left to die

Posted : September 23, 2012 at 12:53 pm IST by ManaTelugu
September is all set to say good bye soon and October is all set to see high octane entertainers setting silver screen on fire. Starting from this month till next year Sankranthi holidays big buget films, top hero entertainers will come one by one. In the midst of all this one wonder what will be the fate of low budget film makers. A question arises whether small producer should always remain like that without making any headaway. Industry show discrimination while allotting theaters to film. They classify film makers as big and small film makers. Film makers are always in constant worry as when industry will show discrimination as small film makers in allotting theaters.
Due to this many new and aspiring film makers after doing one film and having first hand experience of all this, said good bye never looking back.This time also many films are languishing for release. They include Harmones, Swati I Love You, Chanakyudu, Srai Vasavi Mahathyam, and many more. Unless until some thing is done to retrieve the situation or the industry will always be in the grips of few influential filmmakers who dictate terms to all.