I was slapped again and again – Nayanatara

Posted : March 6, 2014 at 7:54 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Nayanatara is slapped once and again and again and again don’t panic she is slapped in a shooting of Anamika and Nayanatara is not just slapped for a long shot but she did really get slapped by Villain in Anamika.

As per latest updates from Anamika movie unit Nayanatara almost got slapped 5 times in a row for a scene. While they planned for this slap scene shoot she agreed thinking it will done in a single take, with a brave heart she stood steady for a real slap, but her bad luck is chasing her first shot was not ok and Shekar kammula did not satisfy with that scene.
Later they took two more shots on that scene but Nayanatara did not satisfy Shekar Kammula. Later after the 4th shot Shekar kammula said Nayanatara to have a look at scene and say whether it can justify it a director. Nayanatara after seeing that scene said that she too is not satisfied and asked for one more take which she took it more serious and finally at 5th take she gave a perfect expression.