Skyrocketing production costs scarring film makers

Posted : October 8, 2012 at 10:19 am IST by ManaTelugu

Film making recently has become extremely costly affair and with the high risks involved many top production houses are closing their operations unable to come to the terms of the shooting skyrocketing production costs. Sometime back many film makers small and big held a meeting at Film Chamber, Hyderabad and they have taken some important decisions.
Many film makers requested top heroes to reduce their remuneration by 30%. They have even taken a decision to complete all films with in 45 days so that production costs will not shoot up. Around 130 film makers attended the meeting and some worried film makers to bring down shooting production costs even threatened to stop shooting of all the films so that thopse involved in film making will realize the urgency of the issue.
No one can deny the fact that even a small film is shooting atleast a song in overseas in the name of richness and are releasing the film’s audio on a grand scale inviting top tollywood personalities. Promoting of the films, organizing of success meets and other marketing techniques are drilling holes to the pockets of producers. Even top banners like RR.Movie makers suffered losses in film making and if no one pays attention to shooting production costs, then film makers will be scared of making films in near future.