�Singham 2� Goes Local to International

Posted : June 27, 2013 at 1:57 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Suriya never enjoyed a mass characterization like �Singham� in his entire career so far. Director Hari who is a master in handling with emotions and at the same time adding the mass elements to the script has come up with an universally appealing movie of �Singham� in Tamil which was then released as dubbing �Yamduu� in Telugu. Later on, it went even to Bollywood with the same title of �Singham� to collect above Rs.100 Crores. Such is the caliber in this Powerful Cop.

Now, the sequel is arriving very soon with the title of �Singham 2� (In Telugu it is �singham yamudu 2�). Comparing the similarities between the first and second, hero Suriya says, �I am doing the sequel only because I loved the character. Here in the sequel, we have taken the emotions to next level. Last time, I was a local cop who takes on regional enemies but in this sequel, I am an All India Police who takes on crime in foreign parts.� There are Anushka and Hansika Motwani to serve the glamour quotient.