Siddharth Feels Bad For His Twitter Post

Posted : November 26, 2013 at 4:13 am IST by ManaTelugu

One of the most puzzling cases that are chased by CBI and solved on a different note is none other than Aarsuhi Talwar’s murder case dating back to 2008. Surprisingly, CBI’s argument is based on lot of assumptions, rather on technical evidences and that anyway led to Court’s verdict finding Aarushi’s parents as her killers. Let us the Tollywood connection with this incident.

Exactly an year back, media has run stories that both Rajesh and Nupur Talwar killed their daughter and their domestic helper. However things changed with Talwar’s provided some evidences how CBI is misleading the case and is trying to implicit them. But before reading Talwars’ version, many celebs including hero Siddharth have shared how the Talwars have gruesomely killed their daughter. Hero Siddharth actually felt bad for posting a link to one such article earlier, as he is feeling now that the Aarushi parents might be innocent.

‘I can’t sleep as something is wrong. If there is any chance that Aarushi’s parents are innocent, and based on the proceedings, there well might be, then the system has failed’, said Siddharth.

Well, Siddu is one guy who stuns his fans with his master-class judgement on many stuff. Even while feeling bad, the way he responded is too class to handle.