Shocking statement from Krishnam Raju on Prabhas

Posted : June 13, 2013 at 3:54 pm IST by ManaTelugu
How far is it feasible for a star hero to do two films at one time? Well, some heroes are doing it easily but when it comes to directors like rajamouli, minimum he will ask the hero is by laying a condition to stay out of other commitments before accepting the call sheets. So, Prabhas may not be provided with extra comfort of working for one more film in parallel to ‘Bahubali.’

A sudden statement from Krishnam Raju yesterday on himself debuting as director to deal Prabhas as hero is ending shock waves in Telugu industry. ‘Our film will start shooting from August,’ Krishnam Raju is reported to have quoted. If this is really true, how can Prabhas manage himself between Krishnam Raju and rajamouli will be a big question. On the lee side, Jakkanna can neither tolerate nor encourage such unprofessional behavior from his artists?