Sharmila’s ‘Q-A’ Sessions

Posted : October 20, 2012 at 6:52 am IST by ManaTelugu
YSRCP Jagan’s arrow Sharmila is finding innovative ways to connect with common people. Unlike Chandra Babu Naidu of TDP who is delivering speeches and informing what he would do if he comes to power and how Cong ruled Govt worsened the state condition at present, Sharmila is engaging people with her innovative ‘Q-A’ sessions.
She started engaging commoners by asking them whether they liked the rule of the current Govt, whether they are getting the benefits of Govt schemes,whether her dad YSR’s schemes are still implemented by the present Govt. When she got thunderous response from people in unison that they are not getting any benefits and even the schemes were stopped by the current Cong Govt, she started lambasting the Cong and even Chandra Babu for colluding with Cong.
YSRCP leaders are doubly happy with their strategy of brining in Sharmila to counter Babu is paying rich dividends. Unlike Babu, young Sharmila is going at supersonic speed galvanizing party cadre and though crowds reduced compared to first day swelling, their enthusiasm did not decrease. Crowds started taking autographs from Ambati Rambabu, popular figure of YSRCP who will be coming often in TVs.It has to be seen how Cong and TDP will deal with growing craze for Sharmila and her innovative ways of mingling with people.