Sharmila Worst Comparision – ‘Brandeya vaadam’ not ‘Gandheya vaadam’.

Posted : July 20, 2013 at 1:37 pm IST by ManaTelugu
With the advent of many new parties and many new immature politicians on the circuits, politics are getting worst each passing day. Counter attack should have a constructive meaning over the reactions, but our politicians just need punch but not morals.

It started with Jagan’s sister Sharmila who asserted that PCC Chief Botsa is practising ‘Brandeya vaadam’ but not ‘Gandheya vaadam’. (Brandhian not Gandhian). Among the many businesses people could run in this state, selling liqueur is also a legal thing and no doubt anyone could do that. So, how come Sharmila calls Botsa like that is the question. Okay she might have got information that Botsa is running a liquor mafia to earn more, but that shouldn’t be compared with ‘Gandhi’, as the word ‘Brandi’ sounds rhyming to it. Quit immature this is, right!

Reacting on the same, Botsa Satyanarayana has questioned if YSR hasn’t touched brandy in any of 365 days. For Sharmila’s senseless remark, there is no need of dragging YSR into it, for the simple reason that she is from YSR Congress. Many freedom fighters who lead India to 1947 are atheists, alcohol lovers and even married twice. Should we now blame those legends with lewd remarks without keeping what they have achieved in our minds?

Adding fuel to the accusation drama, YSR-C leader Konda Surekha is now asking if Botsa had seen YSR drinking Brandy for all 365 days in a year. This kind of rubbish questions might evoke momentarily victory for fans, but in the long run they look cheap. Though YSR-C is demanding Congress leaders to tender apology, it is Sharmila who should first learn that she should stop adhering links to holy name like Gandhi, and Brandy.