Sharmila Spoiling Jagan’s Chances

Posted : November 20, 2013 at 5:19 am IST by ManaTelugu

Sharmila, who is popularized as an arrow fired from Jagan’s bow, has now changed her direction to point at Jagan itself. Rumours are rife that she is at logger heads with her own brother leading to a panicky situation in YSR Congress that the rift may spoil Jagan’s chances in 2014 elections.

When Jagan is kept behind bars regarding his indefinite assets cases, undoubtedly it is Sharmila who took responsibilities. By touring the state twice, she filled new spirits in party cadre. Also the incomparable Paada Yaatra resulted in big turnout of audiences for Jagan’s party and convinced them that YSR-C is the only saviour. However, things are not the same after Jagan granted a bail, and post his release from Chanchalguda.

Just a day before the release of her brother, Sharmila visited party central office in Hyderabad, and held meetings with leaders, as if she is taking the power-centre into hands. But after Jagan’s release, she suddenly disappeared from all activities of the party. Neither had she attended Jagan’s first media meet, nor his indefinite-fast and not even when he visited Idupulapaya recently. But to the dismay of party cadre, she visited her father’s memorial a day after Jagan’s visit. Not stopping there, Sharmila went alone without taking any party men with her. All these things are making the line of differences clear.

Reports have that Sharmila is urging her brother to announce her name as candidate for Kadapa Loksabha seat, which Jagan is not willing to. Fed up with his unmovable behaviour, the-arrow is keeping away from YSR Congress. Cadres doubt that splits and differences within the family may lead to the fade out of party’s charm and might affect the chances of grabbing power in 2014 hugely.