Shakeela real life turning sensational

Posted : February 17, 2014 at 7:44 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Shakeela is not just a B-grade actress now; Shakeela has not just dedicated her life to do B-grade films. Shakeela life is a mystery and her life story is a way of sadness and challenges, there are many reasons for her entry to this bad field and she explains all how remaining heroines enter this field in her recent biography book.

Shakeela Malayalam actress is popular for her B-grade films and she is also very popular for her controversial comments on film industry heads recently. She wrote her biography in Malayalam which will also be translated to Tamil and Hindi very soon. This book is a sensation in Malayalam industry now and it got a record sales.
Many directors are running behind her to allow them to make a film on her life history. Shakeela mentions how hard days were and how she was dragged into this black world. Most of the book contains how a woman will be treated in society and what do people think about her and what in fact she is, this increases curiosity to read this book.