Shadow story out?

Posted : April 10, 2013 at 11:52 am IST by ManaTelugu
It is well known to everyone that in Tollywood the story which revolves around patience�s especially memory loss patience will defiantly get a good response. Long back hero Surya proved himself as an actor with a blockbuster �Gajini� where his character as memory loss patience received critical acclaims from critics. Now even Venkatesh is getting ready for such an entertainment. 
Latest news is that Venky has played the role of a person suffering with memory loss in his upcoming film �Shadow�. As per the story Venkatesh’s character in the film meets an accident and that too due to MS Narayana. With this accident Venky will lose his memory and behaves like a kid from then. MS Narayana with this feels it his responsibility and takes him home as he was responsible for the accident. Venkatesh will get back his lost memory only after seeing the neighbours of MS Narayana. 
Here the twist of the film will start. It can be revealed only on big screen on April 26th. There is been a huge exposure in the industry that the film Shadow goes on in the above said manner with many twists. The scenes between Venkatesh and MS Narayana would surely be making the audience laugh to extremes opined the unit. So, memory loss patience with comedy mixed is equal to shadow.