Sex in trains: Video leaks

Posted : July 10, 2013 at 1:37 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) ordered a probe into the recent reported circulation of “objectionable” CCTV footage. Anuj Dayal, DMRC executive director of corporate communications, on Wednesday, informed that an internal probe was ordered and a complaint was lodged with cyber cell of city police. Anti-social activities have been happening in the Delhi Metro trains during non-peak hours and though there are CC TV cameras inside the compartments, no one ever bothered to take action about these activities. Now, footage of sexual activities had leaked and the videos even sneaked into porn sites. MMSes started flowing from one mobile phone to  the other.

As TV channels had also made a furor about the anti-social activities, DMRC ordered a probe. While anti-social activities taking place in the trains was one part of the story, the other is more serious and shocking. How did the footage of the security cameras slipped into the hands of porn sites? This worried the authorities more than the anti-social activities happening in the trains. Speaking about their action on the reported leakage of CCTV camera footage, Dayal said, “DMRC is conducting a thorough internal inquiry into the reports of circulation of objectionable video clips. The Delhi Metro management has already reported the issue to the Cyber Crime cell of the police.”

According to media reports, intimate moments of couples in the train and metro stations were captured in the videos. Total 13 videos have been uploaded on porn sites so far and these have been viewed by nearly 1.5 lakh people. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and DMRC had begun a blame game as the CCTV camera footage is accessed only by these two agencies. CISF Director General Rajiv said, “We are just the monitoring agency. DMRC controls the database into which this CCTV footage goes, and so the leak most likely happened at its end.”

On the contrary, DMRC employees, are stating that CISF officials are equally responsible for the videos captured by the CCTVs.