Seven Stroke for Sonia

Posted : November 14, 2012 at 11:13 am IST by ManaTelugu

Owaisi led MIM two days back gave shock to already problem ridden Sonia Gandhi led UPA at center by withdrawing its support both at the center and at state. Though at Center a single member party don’t matter much but in Andhra Pradesh where CM Kiran is facing problems every second with non cooperating ministers, sulking seniors, defiant telangana representatives and YSRCP coverts, it is like loss of precious treasure.

For long Owaisi and MIM is known for its closeness to YS.Jagan and YSRCP. It was due to YSR that MIM’s bonding with Cong has been strong for over 8yrs and now that Jagan in jail and his power in AP ever increasing, MIM is contemplating on having tieup with the party. He has been meeting Jagan in Chanchalguda jail many times and many suspect it was his closeness with Jagan that prompted this decision.

The party chose to whip up passions and raise tensions in Old city on Bhagyalakshmi temple decoration issue which is trivial as the decoration is done only using bamboos and sticks. On this pretext he withdrew support. Now MIM with seven MLAs is all set to give shocking strokes to Cong and one wonder how Kiran will survive these shocks.