Sensuous Shakti Mohan to show her glamor ‘shakti’

Posted : January 2, 2013 at 7:07 am IST by ManaTelugu
Wearing bikini’s and showing lot of  skin and moving the body to  front and back to a lot extent  at sea shores dancing girls only so far we have seen in calendar pages like Kingfisher and lot of foreign magazines but model cum actress shakti mohan 27 years of Age has came up with strong mind.For 2013 she came up with her own calendar ,while Saying this model’s name lot of people will back to bollywood flick “Rowdy Rathod”

In this film she has danced to the famous number “Aaa rey Pritam pyarey”,cuming to the Point what why we are talking about this model in particular means what she has done in this 2013 calender means she has given stills while dancing to the photographers ,”Nrutya Shakti” is the name of the calendar,she has given stills by wearing various Goddess’es  costumes she has given stills,previously she used to dance for special item numbers and now she has came up with wise decision which is very appreciated.