Seemandhra stars JP,Lagadapati’s battle over Hyd

Posted : December 14, 2012 at 6:27 am IST by ManaTelugu
Telangana fighters always brand Vijayawada MP Lagadapati and even to some extend Jaya Prakash Nayarayan of Lok Satta as staunch seemandhra supporters. However both of them are now engaged in bitter battle over Hyderabad and Telangana much to the delight of telangana supporters. The recent statement of the MP from Vijaywada Lagadapati Rajagopal on Hyderabad Seemandhraites have become quite controversial. The statement was condemned by the Loksatta Convernor Jayaprakash Narayana.

Rajagopal had recently stated in one of his speeches that people belonging from Seemandhra regions,who are currently residing at Hyderabad, would be unsafe, if the demand for Telangana as a separate state was granted.Jayaprakash Narayana, who is also the MLA from Kukatpalli, was talking about the issue of politicsalong the caste-lines and emotional issues being raised as political issues. He urged the need to shift the focus on politics based on reason, which is effected through political participation. He expressed his disappointment at the controversial statement of Lagadapati and held it to be an example of
inducement of fear. JP was supporting the Press Council Chairman Justice Markandaya Katju who recently remarked that the majority population in Inida still voted along caste and communal lines.

However, JP, as is Jayaprakash Narayana also called, did not have encouraging words to say for the Telangana movement. He was of the view that the statement of the Telangana movement that the people of Telangana have been looted by the people of Seemandhra only led to aggravation of resentment and dissatisfaction. The famous Tollywood director SS Rajamouli, who respects JP and his ideals, is an active participant of the Surajyam movement. He mentioned that the chaos going on in Tollywood about casteism and regionalism is proving to be hindrance to the production of films.