Secret Of Brahmi’s Dance in Aagadu

Posted : September 20, 2014 at 4:22 am IST by ManaTelugu


Of course, Brahmanandam dancing to the tunes of star heroes’ songs on silver screen is not a new thing. Many a times he picks up some hit numbers and shakes his legs. But fact is that he can’t dance like a Ram Charan in ‘Dillaku Dillaku’ song from ‘Racha’ movie. Then how did he manage to do that in ‘Aagadu’?

In ‘Aagadu’, Brahmanandam dances to a medley of hit songs including Dillaku Dillaku from Racha, Nachore Nachore from Yamadonga and Cinema choopista maava from Racegurram. Not just dancing, he actual mimics those trademark steps with ease. And it is the turn of audiences to go jaw dropping. Especially the first ‘Racha’ step of Ram Charan is awesome.

Don’t get shocked, as this happens to be an excellent work of visual effects teams who carefully managed to attach Brahmi’s head to the real dancer. There is neither any jerky head movement nor any mismatch of movement such that you’ll not identify the actual. That’s the secret folks!