Secret behind TRS silence !

Posted : February 7, 2013 at 4:22 pm IST by ManaTelugu
TRS party led by mercurial K.Chandra Sekhar Rao ever since his famous fast unto death on 2009 which scared even the Union Home Minister and forced him to come with the statement on Telangana formation, later came out with many strategies to shake ruling Cong at State and Central level.

However starting this year, his party has been maintaining silence which is stunning its cadre and perlplexing people who are fighting for the state. But many feel that TRS party itself is bereft of all strategies as it has exhausted all strategies like mass resignations,hartals,bandhs,mass non cooperation by Govt employees.

Now if they give call for any of these activities once again, then people will not find it any more appealing and even forcing by elections so many times will have negative impact. So TRS decided to maintain silence till the announcement of 2014 election schedule and then up the ante.