Secret behind KCR’s Delhi stay

Posted : October 7, 2012 at 7:32 am IST by ManaTelugu
General public and telangana people in particular are very much surprised at some of the actions of TRS chief KCR. KCR who used to be in the fore front of Telangana movement suddenly drifting away from the it. His actions during the past 4-6 months raise suspicions about him. Even recently when entire telangana people participated in telangana march, KCR did not care a hoot for the march. He did not utter a single word and stayed in Delhi, deciding to skip march. Everyone was surprised at his month long Delhi stay during which he did not even care to forget about attending but condole the death of tallest figure in telangana, Konda Lakshman Bapuji. It was pretty unlike him, when he wept on hearing Prof. Jayashankar’s demise.
But political analysts say that KCR and his family can not survive in political and personal arena, solely on telangana movement and spitting venom on Union Govt, Sonia Gandhi and others. It is a well known fact that he and his family has lot of businesses across the country including seemandhra. If he spits venom on Sonia and Union Govt, Sonia will unleash ED and CBI on his businesses which will sound deathknell to his family. So KCR was in Delhi to pacify the top bosses even if it means saying good bye to telangana movement.