Secret behind ‘Deepam’ connection subsidies

Posted : October 27, 2012 at 10:14 am IST by ManaTelugu
House wifes and gas cylinder consumers are aghast at AP Govt decision to provide extra three cylinder benefit only to families who come under ‘Deepam’ connections. They are questioning angrily whether only those 40lakhs deepam connection holders bought them to power with their votes. They are strongly opposing the decision of CM Kiran and Civil Supplies Minister D.Sridhar Babu’s decision to make available the extra 3 cylinders facility only to deepam people.

A close look at the Govt decision unravel startling secrets. More than 50% of deepam connections are in the hands of political leaders though they have records that all those have been distributed to poor people. Though records state that, subscription vouchers are with political leaders who allocated them on benami names. So poor should run after these political thugs for new connections, refills to avail these benefits.So to satisfy all these political leaders,CM restricted allocation of cylinders only to Deepam inspite of Sonia’s advice.

If one wonder why other ministers are opposing the decison, no one is totally against it but they are keen on entering into business deals before allowing CM a free run in deepam connections scam. In the middle, only middle class and upper middle class will ultimately suffer.