Search for missing Jayaprada

Posted : December 15, 2012 at 10:25 am IST by ManaTelugu
Jayaprada was recently criticized for being absent from her constitutency. The yesteryears female actor is the elected MP from Rampur in Uttar Pradesh.Off late, Jayaprada is not found in her constituency but in Andhra Pradesh where she is busy cherry-picking the political party which will help her boost her political career. Rumours are strife that she is contesting the elections from Rajahmundhry , which is home town and that she is trying hard to get the ticket from any political party from this place in Andhra Pradesh. She is leaving no stone unturned to get a ticket to contest the elections to be held in 2014 from Rajahmundhry as she feels that she has a fair chance of winning from there.

The people from her constituency are so upset with her consistent absent that they have been pasting posters all across the town. The poster says that their elected leader Jayaprada is missing. She is already being touted as one elected leader who has not done any work for her constituency.However, with the precedent that she has set in her current constituency, it is hardly doubtful that she may not be able to repeat her win from Rajahmundhry.