Screenplay Star Disappoints Hero’s Fans

Posted : August 16, 2014 at 10:51 pm IST by ManaTelugu


After waiting for couple of months to see the screenplay-magic of this mass-masala entertainer, star hero Surya’s fans are literally disappointed today. Nothing but many boring moments became integral part of director Linguswamy’s Anjaan/Sikander, making fans leave theaters in a dismal mood.

Breath taking action sequences, thrilling fights, engaging romantic scenes and cute satirical entertainment are always weapons of director Linguswamy. From Run to Aavara, Pandemkodi to Tadakha, he repeated this magic. But none knows what happened to him with Anjaan, as he lost focus on the strengths. In fact there is no pulsating action sequence in this big budget entertainer.

Also there are no adrenaline rushing moments, except that interval block, which happens to be a tried and tested formula in Indian cinemas from years. Being a director known for his terrific screenplays, why did Linguswamy missed the mark?