Satyavani Became Easy Target

Posted : September 18, 2013 at 5:54 am IST by ManaTelugu

The prolific hard hitting speeches given by some people at AP NGO’s meeting sometime back at LB Stadium are shaking some politicians for sure.

Especially speeches given by AP NGOs leader Ashok Babu, singer Ghazal Srinvias and spiritualist Satyavani are irking some leaders now. To cut down the increasing popularity of these three, now mudslinging is started by some detractors.

Few politicians are said to be backing verbal attacks on Satyavani and Ghazal Srinivas, accusing them of land grabbing and other wealth amassing scams. The other day a political outfit backed media vented fumes at Satyavani, saying that she encroached lands belonging to various government held temples of Andhra Pradesh. It was accused that Satynavani amassed crores by leasing those government lands to private people using her influence. At a time when she is striving hard to make Congress go back on their bifurcation decision, these attacks seem quite orchestrated. And with no political backing people like Satyavani are always an easy target.

However Satyavani snaps to the point straight saying she is not at all interested in politics or any political party. ‘My husband is a sincere officer in army and my father-in-law is also any army man. That shows how much sincere I should be to bring good name to my family’, said Satyavani, adding that she will just fight for the people.

Satyavani challenged those media houses to come up with all evidences to prove their allegations, and assured that she is ready to undergo punishment if someone proves her guilty.