Satires On Director Trivikram

Posted : July 20, 2013 at 1:20 pm IST by ManaTelugu
His speech is so intriguing that one wants to listen more of it anytime. Particularly for the kind of things he revealed at Attarintiki Daaredi audio release, director Trivikram should be appreciated for giving a super speech. But sometimes, even the best will invite criticism.

The other day, it is already known that Trivikram narrated five different incidents that inspired him to love Pawan Kalyan. He received huge applause after revealing such things about Pawan, and most people rated it as inspirational speech. But what is missing in his speech for hardcore Mega fans is the soul that could connect them.

They say that it is really unexpected to see even Trivikram utter no single word about Mega star Chiru or mega family. ‘When Trivikram is yet to become director, it is Chiru who has given him the offer to direct a couple of TV commercials. But what kept our director forget that stuff, even though he praised Pawan a lot’, asked a fan.

Also, Trivikram narrated how much money Pawan has invested (indirectly lost) for CPF and stuff, which is again highlighting that neither Chiru nor Allu batch lost nothing. ‘There are many doubts about splits in Mega family, and Trivikram is adding more fuel to the speculations’, a cine observer felt.

Also satires are being thrown that Trivikram wanted to impress Pawan more on public front such that the duo will continue to make many projects in the future. Anyway, that was a filmy event not a family event, so there is a question why should Trivikram talk about anyone else other than Pawan, the hero of the film whose audio is getting launched.