Samantha’s Nose Surgery – True Or False?

Posted : December 23, 2013 at 8:03 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Have a look at the pictures of Samantha when she just joined movies and have a look at her latest picture. The only change one could visible notice is her nose shape, which looks tremendously changed. This is what fans of a star hero are now claiming and they are publicizing it a lot.

We have very small number of heroines here in South circuit who generally undergo plastic surgery to get their glamour corrected. Like in bollywood where Priyanka Chopra has gone for nose correction, Susmitha Sen for silicone implants and Kangana for lip surgery, we have no such girls here. However, after looking at Samantha’s pictures from her entry days in Tamil films and now, her nose is slightly different. This is the point, fans of one particular hero are rising after getting hurt with Samantha’s ‘regressive’ tweet on a poster.

For now, many of Samantha’s fans do not believe in these ‘nose surgery’ comments, but surely her photos are giving some goose bumps. Her nose is slightly curved then, but straightened up now. All it takes is time to find out if this is true or false.