Samantha Watched It In Inter First Year

Posted : August 14, 2014 at 3:08 pm IST by ManaTelugu

surya - samantha

Known for his sparkling revelations about anything that comes to her mind, Tamil beauty Samantha is not just known as glamour queen but also popular as controversy’s first child. Awaiting for the release of her first big-ticket Tamil entertainer Anjaan/Sikander, Sam made some interesting revelations.

Ask her when her interest on films did grow, and that first Tamil flick she has watched. ‘I watched my first Tamil flick when I’m studying intermediate first year, and that is Gowtham Menon’s Khakha Khaka (Venky’s Gharshana)’, said Samantha. Well, that is a shocking revelation, as to why she hadn’t visited any Tamil movie till then, despite being a Chennai resident. ‘We used to reside in Pallavaram, a distant suburb of Chennai. I’ve to traverse by two city buses to reach my college in Chennai’, she adds. Probably that explains why she was so far from cinema that time.

Maybe Khaka Khaka is Sam’s first Tamil film watched in theatres, otherwise what has she watched on TV during childhood? After taking the glamour route to capture the throne of Kollywood, Samantha’s first mass-entertainer is Surya’s Anjaan that will hit screens on August 15th. That’s Sam for you folks!