Samantha shows her big heart

Posted : December 15, 2012 at 10:37 am IST by ManaTelugu
Make hay when the sun shines is the apt saying for current generation heroines. They know that their life span is very short in the industry and are trying to make as much as money as possible in this period. But Samantha seem to have different ideas. She is on the way to prove that she is not commercial. Going in to detail,  It is known to our viewers that the actress was bedridden earlier this year for 2 months and had to stay away from shootings due to an acne related problem.

The actress had undergone a great turmoil during this period. She says that she realized the importance of life and came to know that nothing is permanent in life. She then started Pratyusha foundation for kids and women with the help of three doctor friends. Dr. Manjula takes care of cervical cancer for women. Dr. Pamela takes care of lifelong diseases like hemophilia and thalassemia for kids. Dr. Sirish takes care of kids who are affected by cancer at an early age. The bigger side of this is they are not planning to run this foundation on donations and Samantha is providing the entire financial support.