Samantha – ‘I Never Spoke About Anushka’

Posted : November 24, 2013 at 4:24 am IST by ManaTelugu

This is what beautiful lady Samantha is saying about her recent comments made on talented actress Anushka. She is going tooth and nail about these ‘comments’ before claiming that she never spoke anything about Jejemma, even on a positive note.

Sexy big lipped ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ beauty is now asking her fans not to believe in any interviews of her published in any magazine or newspaper until she actually says on twitter that she has given that interview. The other day a leading newspaper published that Sam is enjoying failures of Shruti Haasan, while another magazine quoted Sam praising Anushka.

‘Anushka is a down to earth actress, and her humblness and willingness to believe in director made her continue in top slot for years in Tollywood’, said Samantha, as quoted by that magazine. However, our Chennai beauty claimed that she never said anything about to Anushka to anyone, and termed that interview as a faulty creation.

Sigh, how can Samantha claim someone else is top-heroine of Tollywood when she herself is there on the top? On the other hand, there used to rumours, rumours on inside talks, and there are rumour-interviews too, feel critics.