Samantha’s Boomerang For Mahesh Fans

Posted : September 25, 2014 at 7:02 pm IST by ManaTelugu


‘Regressive’ comment is something Mahesh Babu fans are not forgetting from a time, since seductress Samantha tweeted it, which was indirectly meant that she took a dig at ‘1 Nenokkadine’ poster. But Mahesh fans had their revenge, taking potshots at Sam’s two piece bikini acts in ‘Sikander’. However the feud hasn’t ended it seems.
The other day, Samantha has tweeted something in general and now it is being adapted to the fate of ‘Aagadu’ at box office. ‘These boomerangs are so amazing. You throw them with great force and they just come right back at you and smack you in the head.#toys#fun (sic)’, posted Samantha, on her micro blogging site. Rumour mills are now busy reading between the lines and they say that Sam stirred hornet’s nest again.
In fact, as Mahesh fans took heavy dig at her bikini and the subsequent failure of ‘Anjaan’, probably she now wants to point out that similar fate has imbibed ‘Aagadu’ too, say observers.  Samantha might have really taken a dig or she might not have, but fans are not in a mood to pursue any arguments.